Ice-Cold 1 – Lazurus Station


Assassin-infiltrator Sultana “Ice-Cold” Shepard uses her Tactical Cloak so the enemy “won’t know what hit ’em”, and her Operative training keeps her alive and deadly. She arms herself with the M-97 Viper sniper rifle, an accurate, easy-to-use weapon that can take out enemies before they even know you’re there.

Raised to be strong on the tough world of Mindoir, a middle-of-nowhere colony in the Attican Traverse, her family and friends died at the hands of slavers when she was sixteen, but she managed to hold out against them in a cave high in the mountains with just enough ammo and food to last until they gave up and left her for dead. A passing Alliance patrol rescued her after she got their attention by shooting at them, and she enlisted with the military because she needed a home and an outlet for her pent-up rage.

Throughout her military career, she held fast to one basic rule: get the job done. People who like her call her “cool” and people that hate her call her “cold”. After she deliberately sent 3/4ths of  her unit to its death and executed all of the surrendering batarians on Torfan, her fellow soldiers feared her iron fist, but they also knew they could count on her to “do what it take to get things done”.

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Sultana Shepard’s journal:

“Thankfully, I ran into someone else who was cool under fire. He resisted doing what I demanded. Seemed to have other obligations. I told him I didn’t care what his orders were, I wanted answers. I thought I might have to fight him and the mechs at the same time, but I wore him down and he relented. We agreed to be battle buddies for the time being.”

“Noticed Miranda squeezed the trigger real slow and calm like, so as not to jerk the gun; a woman after my own heart. She seemed eager to please; too eager. “Cut the crap, lady” I said. “I ain’t in the mood.” She wanted to leave right away but I don’t like being pushed around. It gets on my nerves.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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