Otaku 1 – Lazurus Station


Guardian-sentinel Ingeborg “Otaku” Shepard uses Cryo Blast and Overload to make her enemies so confused and disoriented that they’ll just leave her alone. When she can, she goes for the M-622 Avalanche heavy weapon, a high-tech gadget that can stop an enemy cold, even at close range.

Born and raised on Mindoir, a quiet, lonely colony in the mysterious Attican Traverse, her family and friends died at the hands of slavers when she was just sixteen. A passing Alliance patrol found her hiding, the only colonist left after the slavers departed, and she enlisted hoping that she could someday find out what happened to the people she knew on Mindoir and find closure for her traumatized soul.

During her service, she reluctantly went on a mission to Akuze that she “had a bad feeling about”. It went horribly wrong. A thresher maw slaughtered everyone in her unit except her and survivor’s guilt haunted her yet again. She endured physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people, but she used her intellect to keep herself sane.

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Ingeborg Shepard’s journal:

“I hate it when someone tries to control me, so imagine my horror when I discovered someone had brought me back from the dead and rebuilt my shattered body one piece at a time. Why couldn’t they have just left me in peace and pieces. The Illusive Man’s operation immediately intrigued me and I wanted to learn more of it’s workings. As a natural hacker, figuring this guy out seemed like the ultimate hack.”

“And that tool Miranda? Though she seemed somewhat friendly, the stick up her had a stick up it, as they say. What a pain. Why so eager to get me off Lazurus staion? Well, as long as it was to someplace warm and safe.”

“When I met Jacob, my first thought was that he clearly works out. That uniform couldn’t hide those tight abs, but unlike most women, I hate a man in uniform. I asked him for basic imforation like “Where am I?” and “What’s going on?” He seemed reluctant to divulge. I got him to at least tell me how to get out of there, but then decided to stick with him for safety.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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