Paranoid 1 – Lazurus Station


Champion-vanguard Theron “Paranoid” Shepard uses his Biotic Charge and Biotic Shockwave to keep the enemy confused and unbalanced. His M-27 Scimitar assault shotgun’s high rate of fire and ample ammo keep the action going so he can get deep into enemy territory knowing his gun won’t let him down.

With both parents in the Alliance military, he spent his childhood on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. All that criss-crossing gave Shepard the best kind of education – real-galaxy experience. Following in his parent’s footsteps, he enlisted at the age of sixteen, two years earlier than most.

During his many years of service, he experienced extreme survival situations (such as the time his unit was slaughtered in a thresher maw attack on Akuze), tortures, interrogations and psychological attacks, but survived by knowing how to handle what ever came at him, and lived to tell the tale.

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Theron Shepard’s journal:

“Ran into Jacob Taylor. Immediately got his name, rank, and number. The Cerberus insignia on his uniform did not bode well. Told him we’d have to work together to get out alive. He agreed. That was heartening. Asked for a map of the station and a list of everyone who had access to the mechs before they attacked.”

“Tried to figure where Miranda’s orders came from and why she resurrected me. She put me in a peculiar situation. Slept with one eye open around her. But she convinced me to play ball for the time being, and that look in her eyes made me wonder if there might be some fringe benefits in it for me.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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