Red Dragon 1 – Lazurus Station


Commando-soldier Dexter “Red Dragon” Shepard’s Adrenaline Rush and Combat Mastery make him his enemies’ worst nightmare. He sports a Geth Pulse Rifle because they’re hard to get and “when people see you have one they know you’re a total bad-ass.”

Born on Earth into a life on the mean streets of an urban slum, where the motto is, “Get rich or die tryin'”, enlistment in the military seemed like his only ticket out of that impoverished hellhole.

For Shepard, a win is a win no matter what the cost. He frequently repeats his catchphrase: “The Dragon don’t lose.” His tendency to rush headlong into danger got 3/4ths of his unit killed by batarians on Torfan, but when the enemy surrendered, he executed five times as many batarians because, “One of my people is worth 5 batarians.” His scares his fellow soldiers, but his reputation for fearlessness means the military always goes to him first with its toughest assignments.

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Dexter Shepard’s journal:

“I ultimately came to resent the feeling that I was the Illusive Man’s puppet rather than the one in charge. The Dragon don’t trust a guy who hides in the shadows, but I played along out of curiosity about the Illusive Man’s operation, hoping to find the man behind the curtain. I wanted to bust up his organization, but I also wanted to wait until I’d discovered his secrets.”

“But before that, I had to deal with the Illusive Man’s right hand, a perfectly proportioned babe in high heels and a skintight cat-suit that left little to the imagination. When she said she was at my disposal, my mind raced. She seemed eager to please and acknowledged my past successes, two traits that I appreciate, but she rebuffed my come-ons. Suits me. The Dragon likes a challenge. I even tried to get her riled up, finding myself more attracted to angry Miranda than helpful Miranda.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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