Semper Fidelis 1 – Lazurus Station


Mechanic-engineer Dunstan “Semper Fidelis” Shepard prefers to keep control of the battlefield through the use of Combat Drones and A.I. Hacking. He relies on the M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon for it’s accuracy and power, allowing him to stop an enemy without risking friendly fire.

With two Alliance military parents, he spent his childhood on ships and stations. Because his parents fostered a sense of civic duty and encouraged him to follow in their footsteps, he enlisted at the age of eighteen.

Early in his military career, his squad repelled an attack by batarian slavers on Elysium. He risked his own life to save his fellow soldiers and refused to give in to defeatism despite the overwhelming enemy force and impossible odds. It earned him recognition from the Alliance fleet.

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Dunstan Shepard’s journal:

“After seeing all the civilian carnage, I was glad to find a well-trained military man with armor and ammo. “What can I do to help?” I asked, eager to team up with anyone not shooting at me. Noticing Jacob’s youth and sensing his indecision, I switched from asking for orders to giving them. We both instantly felt comfortable working together as a couple of old Alliance squaddies.”

Jacob is now Dunstan Shepard’s favorite squad member.

“I found myself immediately attracted to Miranda’s no-nonsense attitude, making me eager to be her soldier-boy. She was not above taking my advice, as well. As long as I trusted her I’d do what she told me to.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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