Space Marine Barbie 1 – Lazurus Station


Bastion-adept Felicia “Space Marine Barbie” Shepard uses her Biotic Pull to bring her enemies to her so “they can see who it was who killed them”. Her Adept Mastery causes her friends to cheer when they catch sight of her iconic pink armor on the battlefield. She carries an  M-12 Locust submachine gun because of its pedigree as “the gun that killed two presidents”, according to Kasumi Goto. She prizes it more as a status symbol than a weapon, because she mainly uses her biotic powers in combat.

Life wasn’t always so glamorous for Barbie. She grew up in the slums of Earth, but her beauty, charisma, and compassion won her a lot of friends and she knew she was destined for better things. He reputation as a biotic prodigy soon attracted Alliance recruiters.

Early in her military career she found herself facing an overwhelming enemy force. She risked her own life to save her fellow soldiers and defeat batarian slavers on Elysium despite the impossible odds. Her heroism earned her medals and she was selected to be the face of the Alliance in recruiting drives, causing enlistment to triple.

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Felicia Shepard’s journal:

“When I found Jacob, I offered to help him fight, but he kept telling me to stay down and that it was his duty to protect me. I told him, “Nobody puts Barbie in a corner!” and made him salute his superior officer. “Now we do things my way,” I said. Having me in charge of the mission seemed to buoy his spirits.”

“I do not condone Miranda’s execution of Wilson, but other than that we hit it off okay. She seems like a good girl. If she’d just lighten up a little she’d be prettier, but at least she understood I was the one calling the shots. Who knows, maybe we could be friends.”

Miranda is now Felicia Shepard’s favorite squad member.

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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