Semper Fidelis 3 – Citadel

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“When I discovered Dr. Chakwas was on board, I immediately ordered her off the ship, but she refused, insisting the new Normandy needed a good doctor. I didn’t think she should be involved in this dirty and dangerous business. She seemed a bit drunk. I warned her not to disobey an order from now on and to stay sober for the rest of the mission because she was right; we needed her. I needed her. Now there would be at least two people on my crew I could trust.”

“I hate bullshit and Kasumi Goto was a bullshitter if there ever was one. What’s the use of having a squad member that will probably double-cross you when she gets the chance? She’s definitely not a team player. If it were up to me she wouldn’t have set foot on the Normandy without an extensive background check, but we did need her expertise. I’d be keeping an eye on her for anything shady.”

“The Wards. Rampant, unchecked greed. They’d sell their own mother. Disgusting. You never know what kind of life forms you might run into there, so you gotta watch your back. But they had stuff I needed. Thankfully, I found an Avina to help me navigate that mess.”

“Of course weaselly Udina wouldn’t help us. ‘Bad optics, politically speaking,’ he said. I have no idea what that meant. He said that hardening the defenses of human colonies would be bad politics. The only reason he didn’t totally sell me out was because he didn’t want to tarnish the image of the only human Spectre.”

“When I tried to go to the Citadel Tower, they told me it was in total lock-down and I didn’t have clearance even when I told them it was an emergency. I thought being a Spectre would have got me access to anywhere, but not going up there was probably for the best. They can’t be too careful with creatures from every part of the galaxy walking around here. C-Sec directed me to Anderson’s office instead.”

“Visiting the Presidium is like getting in through the gates of heaven. No worries for members of that little club. Even I feel more relaxed when I’m there. I wonder how much that place costs to maintain, and how many starving planets that money could feed. Or how many struggling human colonies it could protect.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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