Ice-Cold 3 – Dossier: The Professor

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“Salarians need to learn to mind their own business. If you peep through a keyhole you’re gonna get poked in the eye.”

“And Joker needs to learn that we’re not buddies. We’re professional colleagues, nothing more. Sure, I basically died to save him, but that was my job. What part of ‘fuck off’ doesn’t he understand? I need to calm down. Save it for the Collectors, Shepard.”

“Cerberus hired Zaeed. I’m glad I’m not paying him. Though he doesn’t seem as tough as his reputation lead me to believe, he’s still tougher than the rest of the wimps Cerberus stuck me with. He better not cause trouble.”

“I didn’t mind Aria demanding a meeting when I arrived. I’d do the same if someone boarded the Normandy. But did it have to be in that loud, obnoxious nightclub? Her control of Omega won’t last long. The way she struts around, she’s just begging for someone to take her out. It won’t be me, though. If she stays out of my hair, I’ll stay out of hers.”

“Like all salarians, Mordin was sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong, getting mixed up in a war between the Blue Suns and Blood Pack just to research a plague. ‘Good ridance to all of them,’ I say. I’d rather not meddle. I admire that he’s not afraid of a fight, though.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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