Paranoid 2 – Freedom’s Progress

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“Seeing Joker again reminded me how friendly he was. Too friendly. Nobody’s that helpful without having ulterior motives. Or perhaps it’s just naivete.  Can’t remember what it’s like to be that youthful. Maybe I never was. At least I already have a complete background check on him. Confident he’ll side with me if or when any shit goes down with Cerberus. One familiar face in a crew of strangers.”

“Did not buy the Illusive Man’s insistence that he spent two years to bring me back to fight the Collectors just ‘to save humanity’. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. If it takes too long I might have to drop it myself. But if ‘humans versus Collectors’ was the name of the war game, I knew which side was mine and prepared myself for a galaxy-wide struggle, including the other side of the Omega Four relay.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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