Space Marine Barbie 3 – Citadel: Captain Bailey & Citadel: The Council

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“Kasumi’s price for signing on was helping her with a cool-sounding heist. I assumed I’d get a cut of whatever it was she was stealing. We needed her skills at getting into places that want to keep you out. I wonder what she looks like under that unfriendly hood. ”

“When you need any sort of relief aid anywhere in the galaxy, go to the Presidium. Coming back to that beautiful place felt like a homecoming for me. I didn’t want to leave.”

“I wanted to go to the Citadel Tower to ask the Council for help, but even I couldn’t get in. They have the best crowd-sourcing network for dealing with a galaxy-wide problem.”

“Well, if you can’t get aid from the Council, you can always buy it in the Wards. And I did, laying out a lot of cash to be mission-ready (and for a few personal items, too). I love shopping there and wished I could have spent a few more days and a lot more money there. If you need it, they’ve got it, for a price.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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