Semper Fidelis 4 – Dossier: Archangel

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“I habitually combat mercenaries; I never thought I’d be paying one. I figured we could trust that hired gun Zaeed as long as Cerberus’ check cleared and hoped he wasn’t too trigger happy.”

“Aria’s tight grip on Omega meant she was the first person I went to for guidance. Despite her rough exterior, I saw in Aria someone else who understands the responsibilities of command, but I disliked the way she treated her people like expendable goons. That top-down org-style won’t last. It breeds contempt.”

“Garrus’ success at single-handedly holding off all those bad guys impressed me. He thinks strategically and keeps his wits about him even in combat. That’s a talent my team needed, but on the other hand, that loose cannon abandoned C-Sec so I had to wonder if he’d do the same to us when things got tough.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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