Paranoid 6 – Citadel: Captain Bailey & Citadel: The Council

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“Can’t out-punch the Collectors, but we can outwit them, so we need plenty more squad members like cunning Kasumi Goto. Just have to be careful that she doesn’t outwit us as well. If it comes to that, hopefully I’ll have age on my side. And humility. Could exploit her youthful hubris. Or maybe just make sure she gets paid enough to keep her loyal.”

“Not interested in buying the overpriced, unreliable junk you find in the Wards. Most people don’t know about all the better, though seedier, places to get equipment. Shopped for people instead – their knowledge. Can live may lifetimes in one if you’re smart enough to live through others. Learn from their mistakes.”

“Being locked out of the Citadel Tower seemed fishy. Couldn’t stand all those  security restrictions on where I went. I needed to network, especially the diverse staff in the Tower.”

“How can people stand to live on the sterile, generic-looking Citadel without knowing what the keepers really are, where they go, or what they’re doing? Gives me the creeps. Guess if you give some people some green faux-ferns and a blue pseudo-sky and they’ll accept anything.”

Images from the game Mass Effect 2


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