Otaku 28 – Stop The Collectors: Defeat The Collectors (spoilers)

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Defeat The Collectors – After Action Report:

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya was sent through a thermal vent to allow two squads to infiltrate the Collector Base. Nar Rayya was killed due to Thane Krios’ inadequate leadership of the second fire team.

Arrived at the Collector base in time to save half the crew, and they were safely escorted back to the Normandy by Mordin Solus.

Shepard, Kasumi Goto, and Jacob Taylor infiltrated further, protected from seeker swarms by Krios’ biotic shield. Taylor was abducted by a swarm and Samara was killed leading a diversion team.

Shepard, Krios, and Goto destroyed the Reaper.

Ingeborg Shepard disobeyed the Illusive Man and destroyed the Collector base.

 The specialists suffered 25% causalities.

Images from the game Mass Effect 2

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