Semper Fidelis


Mechanic-engineer Dunstan “Semper Fidelis” Shepard prefers to keep control of the battlefield through the use of Combat Drones and A.I. Hacking. He relies on the M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon for it’s accuracy and power, allowing him to stop an enemy without risking friendly fire.

With two Alliance military parents, he spent his childhood on ships and stations. Because his parents fostered a sense of civic duty and encouraged him to follow in their footsteps, he enlisted at the age of eighteen.

Early in his military career, his squad repelled an attack by batarian slavers on Elysium. He risked his own life to save his fellow soldiers and refused to give in to defeatism despite the overwhelming enemy force and impossible odds. It earned him recognition from the Alliance fleet.

from Dunstan Shepard’s journal:

Jacob Taylor:

“After seeing all the civilian carnage, I was glad to find a well-trained military man with armor and ammo. “What can I do to help?” I asked, eager to team up with anyone not shooting at me. Noticing Jacob’s youth and sensing his indecision, I switched from asking for orders to giving them. We both instantly felt comfortable working together as a couple of old Alliance squaddies.”

Miranda Lawson:

“I found myself immediately attracted to Miranda’s no-nonsense attitude, making me eager to be her soldier-boy. She was not above taking my advice, as well. As long as I trusted her I’d do what she told me to.”

the Illusive Man:

“The Illusive Man ran a tight ship, and I admired that, but Cerberus did awful things over the years and I don’t trust a guy who I know would throw me to the wolves if it suited his purposes. If he really wanted to save humanity, why wouldn’t he come out of the shadows and go legit? Can a leopard change its spots?”

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya:

“The only problem I have with Tali, and all quarians for that matter, is that I don’t like dealing with someone I can’t look in the eyes. If they weren’t so secretive, I might actual have been able to help her. Typical quarian insularity. I understand it, but it makes them so hard to work with. Our people share similar goals, but we just can’t coordinate with them.”

Jeff “Joker” Moreau:

“Even Joker’s total lack of professionalism was comfortingly familiar in such strange circumstances. I basically died to save this guy, and I’d do it again. At least I’d have one crewman I could count on. Us versus Cerberus, if it came to that.”

the Mission:

“I had seen too much fighting and destruction already, but my personal feelings had to take a back seat to the fact that I was the only one in a position to protect human colonies from annihilation. Humankind needed someone in its corner to fight for it. It needed me.”

Doctor Chakwas:

“When I discovered Dr. Chakwas was on board, I immediately ordered her off the ship, but she refused, insisting the new Normandy needed a good doctor. I didn’t think she should be involved in this dirty and dangerous business. She seemed a bit drunk. I warned her not to disobey an order from now on and to stay sober for the rest of the mission because she was right; we needed her. I needed her. Now there would be at least two people on my crew I could trust.”

Kasumi Goto:

“I hate bullshit and Kasumi Goto was a bullshitter if there ever was one. What’s the use of having a squad member that will probably double-cross you when she gets the chance? She’s definitely not a team player. If it were up to me she wouldn’t have set foot on the Normandy without an extensive background check, but we did need her expertise. I’d be keeping an eye on her for anything shady.”

the Wards:

“Rampant, unchecked greed. They’d sell their own mother. Disgusting. You never know what kind of life forms you might run into there, so you gotta watch your back. But they had stuff I needed. Thankfully, I found an Avina to help me navigate that mess.”

Donnel Udina:

“Of course weaselly Udina wouldn’t help us. ‘Bad optics, politically speaking,’ he said. I have no idea what that meant. He said that hardening the defenses of human colonies would be bad politics. The only reason he didn’t totally sell me out was because he didn’t want to tarnish the image of the only human Spectre.”

the Citadel Tower:

“When I tried to go to the Citadel Tower, they told me it was in total lock-down and I didn’t have clearance even when I told them it was an emergency. I thought being a Spectre would have got me access to anywhere, but not going up there was probably for the best. They can’t be too careful with creatures from every part of the galaxy walking around here. C-Sec directed me to Anderson’s office instead.”

the Presidium:

“Visiting the Presidium is like getting in through the gates of heaven. No worries for members of that little club. Even I feel more relaxed when I’m there. I wonder how much that place costs to maintain, and how many starving planets that money could feed. Or how many struggling human colonies it could protect.”

Zaeed Massani:

“I habitually combat mercenaries; I never thought I’d be paying one. I figured we could trust that hired gun Zaeed as long as Cerberus’ check cleared and hoped he wasn’t too trigger happy.”

Aria T’Loak:

“Aria’s tight grip on Omega meant she was the first person I went to for guidance. Despite her rough exterior, I saw in Aria someone else who understands the responsibilities of command, but I disliked the way she treated her people like expendable goons. That top-down org-style won’t last. It breeds contempt.”

Garrus Vakarian:

“Garrus’ success at single-handedly holding off all those bad guys impressed me. He thinks strategically and keeps his wits about him even in combat. That’s a talent my team needed, but on the other hand, that loose cannon abandoned C-Sec so I had to wonder if he’d do the same to us when things got tough.”


“The threat of krogan re-population will probably always have to be managed. Don’t get me wrong, I like them on an individual basis, but if they ever get enough of them together, it will surely result in a destructive war on the rest of us. And that’s not good for anyone. “

Mordin Solus:

“Getting a hold of the mysterious Dr. Solus was a hassle. A lot of so-called science seems like a waste of time to me at best, and dangerous at worst, but curing a plague seems like a worthwhile endeavor. I had mixed feelings about taking him away from his work, but we needed his intellect to take on an even bigger threat.”


“Jack needs to get her shit together, keep her rage in check, and be a team player or she won’t be much help on the battlefield.”

Thane Krios:

“I’ve had plenty of special forces combat training, but I don’t come close to Thane’s finesse. Too bad he didn’t use it for good all these years. Still, he’s apparently had a change of heart. He might be too strong-willed to be part of the team, but I just might be able to break him of that yet.”


“Finally, we picked up someone else who respects law and order. But will Samara obey my orders, or will she continue to go around being judge, jury, and executioner? And will the day come when she tries to violently adjudicate my ass? She might turn out to be too hard to work with.”

the Migrant Fleet:

“Better coordination between the Migrant Fleet and the Alliance or humans in general would benefit both side but the quarians don’t see it that way. There’s a lot we could do to help them but they keep to themselves. Guess I’d be that way too if my dishwasher chased me out of my house.  They don’t seem any better at internal coordination, either. I get the feeling there’s not a lot of consensus within the Fleet. It must be hard keep it together.”


“Morinth lived for chaos and I hate chaos. It makes life harder on everyone and brings death and destruction.”


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