Guardian-sentinel Ingeborg “Otaku” Shepard uses Cryo Blast and Overload to make her enemies so confused and disoriented that they’ll just leave her alone. When she can, she goes for the M-622 Avalanche heavy weapon, a high-tech gadget that can stop an enemy cold, even at close range.

Born and raised on Mindoir, a quiet, lonely colony in the mysterious Attican Traverse, her family and friends died at the hands of slavers when she was just sixteen. A passing Alliance patrol found her hiding, the only colonist left after the slavers departed, and she enlisted hoping that she could someday find out what happened to the people she knew on Mindoir and find closure for her traumatized soul.

During her service, she reluctantly went on a mission to Akuze that she “had a bad feeling about”. It went horribly wrong. A thresher maw slaughtered everyone in her unit except her and survivor’s guilt haunted her yet again. She endured physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people, but she used her intellect to keep herself sane.

from Ingeborg Shepard’s journal:

the Illusive Man:

“I hate it when someone tries to control me, so imagine my horror when I discovered someone had brought me back from the dead and rebuilt my shattered body one piece at a time. Why couldn’t they have just left me in peace and pieces. The Illusive Man’s operation immediately intrigued me and I wanted to learn more of it’s workings. As a natural hacker, figuring this guy out seemed like the ultimate hack.”

Miranda Lawson:

“And that tool Miranda? Though she seemed somewhat friendly, the stick up her had a stick up it, as they say. What a pain. Why so eager to get me off Lazurus staion? Well, as long as it was to someplace warm and safe.”

Jacob Taylor:

“When I met Jacob, my first thought was that he clearly works out. That uniform couldn’t hide those tight abs, but unlike most women, I hate a man in uniform. I asked him for basic imforation like “Where am I?” and “What’s going on?” He seemed reluctant to divulge. I got him to at least tell me how to get out of there, but then decided to stick with him for safety.”

Jeff “Joker” Moreau:

“Seeing Joker again cheered me up a little, but I winced at hearing him talk so glowingly about Cerberus. Gullible Joker jumped on that bandwagon pretty quick. What did they promise him to get him to sign on?”

the Mission:

“As much as I wanted to tell everyone to leave me the fuck alone and find some other savior, both my conscience and curiosity wouldn’t let me. “

the Wards:

“The sensory overload of all those corrupt, soulless money-grubbers and ads yelling at you everywhere you go in the Wards really brings out the agoraphobic in me.”

Kasumi Goto:

“Kasumi seems superficial. What’s up with that hood over her face? Oh, wait. Hypocrite alert. My bad. I hope I have more time to talk to her, hacker to hacker.”


“Though Jack seemed pretty hostile, the ice started to break after we commiserated about neither of us wanting to be involved in this business. I’d rather be hanging out in engineering with her than stuck in CIC. She’s difficult to talk to but fascinatingly messed up. I wonder if I’ll ever find out why.”

Mordin Solus:

“Mordin seems a bit of a cold fish, but an interesting one, at least. He makes me nervous, though. I doubt he’s ever taken a day off in his life. Clearly, if you get on the wrong side of that guy, you’re dead. To say he’d shoot first and ask questions later would be an understatement. More like he’d shoot you then dissect your corpse.”


“I don’t get krogans. They need to just chill, and start thinking about something other than bustin’ heads. Get laid, get a hobby or something. How can they live like that?”

Garrus Vakarian:

“Garrus has got a lot bottled up inside. He could use some time on a shrink’s couch. Get it all out.”

Kaidan Alenko:

“I have strong feelings for Kaidan. He’s a nice guy, but he’s too nice. And too clingy. He lacks backbone. Somebody must have done a number on him when he was a kid.”

Thane Krios:

“Thane suffers from his past. He needs relief but he keeps it all bottled up inside. I want to get him to talk to me about it more. It might make it easier for him.”


“Samara turned out to be another thoughtless conformist making life harder on everyone, fighting external enemies to compensate for the turmoil inside her, never questioning the laws she kills for.”

the Migrant Fleet:

“I couldn’t stand to live like the quarians in the Migrant Fleet. So many of them crammed together with no real personal space, fearful of things they don’t understand, with everyone’s nose in each other’s business and plenty of opinions but scarce insight.”


“Morinth seemed to be searching for something to fill the emptiness inside her, something she would never find outside of herself no matter how many lives she claimed. She had lived longer than I can even imagine and yet seemed childishly ignorant to me. Perhaps she was too quick to kill people instead of learning from them.”

Defeat The Collectors – After Action Report:

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya was sent through a thermal vent to allow two squads to infiltrate the Collector Base. Nar Rayya was killed due to Thane Krios’ inadequate leadership of the second fire team.

Arrived at the Collector base in time to save half the crew, and they were safely escorted back to the Normandy by Mordin Solus.

Shepard, Kasumi Goto, and Jacob Taylor infiltrated further, protected from seeker swarms by Krios’ biotic shield. Taylor was abducted by a swarm and Samara was killed leading a diversion team.

Shepard, Krios, and Goto destroyed the Reaper.

Ingeborg Shepard disobeyed the Illusive Man and destroyed the Collector base.

 The specialists suffered 25% causalities:


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