Champion-vanguard Theron “Paranoid” Shepard uses his Biotic Charge and Biotic Shockwave to keep the enemy confused and unbalanced. His M-27 Scimitar assault shotgun’s high rate of fire and ample ammo keep the action going so he can get deep into enemy territory knowing his gun won’t let him down.

With both parents in the Alliance military, he spent his childhood on ships and stations as they transferred from posting to posting, never staying in one location for more than a few years. All that criss-crossing gave Shepard the best kind of education – real-galaxy experience. Following in his parent’s footsteps, he enlisted at the age of sixteen, two years earlier than most.

During his many years of service, he experienced extreme survival situations (such as the time his unit was slaughtered in a thresher maw attack on Akuze), tortures, interrogations and psychological attacks, but survived by knowing how to handle what ever came at him, and lived to tell the tale.

from Theron Shepard’s journal:

Jacob Taylor:

“Ran into Jacob Taylor. Immediately got his name, rank, and number. The Cerberus insignia on his uniform did not bode well. Told him we’d have to work together to get out alive. He agreed. That was heartening. Asked for a map of the station and a list of everyone who had access to the mechs before they attacked.”

Miranda Lawson:

“Tried to figure where Miranda’s orders came from and why she resurrected me. She put me in a peculiar situation. Slept with one eye open around her. But she convinced me to play ball for the time being, and that look in her eyes made me wonder if there might be some fringe benefits in it for me.”

Jeff “Joker” Moreau:

“Seeing Joker again reminded me how friendly he was. Too friendly. Nobody’s that helpful without having ulterior motives. Or perhaps it’s just naivete.  Can’t remember what it’s like to be that youthful. Maybe I never was. At least I already have a complete background check on him. Confident he’ll side with me if or when any shit goes down with Cerberus. One familiar face in a crew of strangers.”

the Mission:

“Did not buy the Illusive Man’s insistence that he spent two years to bring me back to fight the Collectors just ‘to save humanity’. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. If it takes too long I might have to drop it myself. But if ‘humans versus Collectors’ was the name of the war game, I knew which side was mine and prepared myself for a galaxy-wide struggle, including the other side of the Omega Four relay.”


“Took being greeted by a salarian as a good omen. Known a lot of them over the years. Fascinating geniuses all. Enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up with their trains of thought but never made the mistake of gambling against them. They can card count up to ten decks at least.”

Zaeed Massani:

“Zaeed Massani made a good living over the years by knowing where all the bodies are buried. Only because he buried most of them himself. When I was younger I might have considered him a scumbag, but these days I’m a connoisseur of interesting characters. For our mission to have even a remote chance of succeeding, we’re gonna need the best regardless of their background. I don’t mind being around brutal killers as long as they’re on my side.”

Mordin Solus:

“Though a bit hard to find, Dr. Solus turned out to be another intriguing salarian big-brain, and our team desperately needs some brain power to go up against the advanced tech of the Collectors. Wonder what skeletons this former Special Tasks Group operative has in his closet, and if we’ll run into any of them before this mission is over. Salarians make up for being somewhat physically fragile by allowing the STG to be extra hardcore in their machinations.”

Aria T’Loak:

“Wish I knew how Aria got to be boss of Omega. Bet there’s a story there. Knew I better not piss her off while I needed things from Omega, just long enough to give me the run of the place. After seeing the state of the rest of the place, realized why she stayed in that posh club.”


“Went to Aria first for info because I have a habit of relying on the worldly asari to answer questions, although they usually provide more useful answers than she did. Of course, learned a long time ago you can’t trust those sexy blue spies.”


“I know the long, nasty history of why krogans are so hard on outsiders and can relate to it, so I don’t take it personally. They have a right to be.”

Kasumi Goto:

“Can’t out-punch the Collectors, but we can outwit them, so we need plenty more squad members like cunning Kasumi Goto. Just have to be careful that she doesn’t outwit us as well. If it comes to that, hopefully I’ll have age on my side. And humility. Could exploit her youthful hubris. Or maybe just make sure she gets paid enough to keep her loyal.”

the Wards:

“Not interested in buying the overpriced, unreliable junk you find in the Wards. Most people don’t know about all the better, though seedier, places to get equipment. Shopped for people instead – their knowledge. Can live may lifetimes in one if you’re smart enough to live through others. Learn from their mistakes.”

the Citadel Tower:

“Being locked out of the Citadel Tower seemed fishy. Couldn’t stand all those  security restrictions on where I went. I needed to network, especially the diverse staff in the Tower.”

the Presidium:

“How can people stand to live on the sterile, generic-looking Citadel without knowing what the keepers really are, where they go, or what they’re doing? Gives me the creeps. Guess if you give some people some green faux-ferns and a blue pseudo-sky and they’ll accept anything.”

Garrus Vakarian:

“Unlike Garrus, I say, ‘Keep moving at all times’. I couldn’t have stood around just waiting in one place for my enemies to come get me. That flaw in his strategy made the infiltration of the basement tunnels inevitable. He made too many enemies and let his emotions get him in over his head.”


“Have never seen a human with such biotic ability as Jack. Need to find out her bio. She poses a serious threat to unit cohesion. Seen it happen before.”


“Need to find out more about this overly-rigid justicar code. Does it create a conflict of interest for Samara? She gives me the creeps. Might turn on me if she deems my methods too unorthodox.”


“Drells are wise but self-absorbed and untrustworthy.”


“Couldn’t pass up the chance to study the rare Ardat-Yakshi. Might prove useful in the future. Or dangerous. Too bad Samara didn’t understand. Would rather have had them both on the team.”

Defeat The Collectors – After Action Report:

Legion was sent through a thermal vent to allow two squads to infiltrate the Collector Base. Legion was killed due to Jacob Taylor’s inadequate leadership of the second fire team.

Arrived at the Collector base in time to save the crewTali’Zorah nar Rayyasacrificed her life to get them safely back to the Normandy.

Shepard, Samara, and Jack infiltrated further, protected from seeker swarms byTaylor’s biotic shield, while Miranda Lawson lead a diversion team. Jack was abducted by the seekers when Taylor’s shield gave out.

Shepard,  Lawson, and Taylor destroyed the Reaper, but Taylor was killed in the battle.

Dunstan Shepard obeyed the Illusive Man and saved the Collector base.

 The specialists suffered 36% causalities.


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