Normandy: Special Ingredients

The Normandy’s cook would appreciate special ingredients to make better food. Most of the supplies he wants are at the Citadel.

Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy

Doctor Chakwas would like a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy but hasn’t been able to find one.

Omega: The Patriarch

Aria’s old adviser, the Patriarch, is in danger from thugs trying to make a name for themselves. Aria wants the Patriarch moved someplace safe until the threat is gone.

Omega: Batarian Bartender

A batarian bartender is poisoning humans and has made a personal attack.

Illium: Conrad Verner

Someone is making trouble in Eternity, the popular bar on Illium.

Illium: Blue Rose of Illium

An asari merchant named Ereba is being wooed by a krogan suitor using poetry. She was in a relationship with the krogan but is unsure whether to settle down with him.

Illium: Medical Scans

The colonists once controlled by the Thorian have been tricked into signing a nasty contract for intrusive medical scans. They need help renegotiating the terms of the contract.

Citadel: Crime in Progress

There’s an ongoing disturbance in the marketplace between a quarian and a volus. A human C-Sec officer is trying to sort it out.

N7: Eclipse Smuggling Depot

An Eclipse smuggling depot has been detected on planet Daratar (Faryar system, Hourglass Nebula). Cerberus would pay very good money for any cargo recovered from the site.


A Cerberus station on the planet Aite (Typhon system, Phoenix Massing) has gone off the grid. The Illusive Man requested assistance investigating the situation.

Overlord: Prometheus Station

Prometheus Station has an override contol that must be activated to end the lockdown at Atlas Station.

Overlord: Atlas Station

The rogue VI must be stopped, but first the lockdown must be overridden from Prometheus and Vulcan Stations.


Admiral Hackett asked Shepard to infiltrate a batarian outpost and rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson. Kenson is a deep-cover operative and scientist who claims to have proof of an imminent Reaper invasion.


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